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Henny Penny heated holding cabinets are designed to keep hot foods safe and appetizing prior to serving. This full-size holding cabinet was originally developed to hold large quantities of pressure-fried chicken for long periods of time without sacrificing freshness or presentation. The key is even heating and constant circulation. Dual fans and ventilated side racks allow hot, moist air to circulate evenly throughout the cabinet. This helps keep practically any menu item hot and tasty until serving and translates into higher food quality with less waste throughout the day. Henny Penny holding cabinets also improve equipment and labor utilization. With proper holding capability, foodservice operators can cook in quantity before peak periods and stock service cases directly from the holding cabinet.  The HC 15 is a full-size, high volume, mobile heated holding cabinet with dual doors and a single control panel. Available Count Down Timer control lets you program individual holding times for different items. High visibility time-remaining display and timer alert signal lets employees monitor holding while accomplishing other tasks. Fully insulated cabinet and tight sealing doors help you enjoy the benefits of high quality holding while using very little energy. Many operators see a net reduction in overall kitchen energy costs. Partial pan removal, self-closing door and magnetic closures contribute to convenient work flow and energy savings. 

HC 15
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