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The water bar counter is mainly an operating station for the production and production of milk tea, coffee or other drinks. Just like the production workshop of the factory, only reasonable space design can make it more convenient for employees to use and produce high-quality and efficient products. Today I will introduce you to a factory direct sales, professional milk tea equipment water bar.


As the name suggests, a water bar is all about dealing with water. The outermost layer of this water bar is made of non-magnetic stainless steel, with an insulating insulation layer in the middle, and the top layer is edible grade steel, which can prevent corrosion and rust very well. And the weighing panels are thickened non-magnetic stainless steel with very strong load-bearing force, easy to weigh more than 300KG, durable.


This water bar is unique in what it comes to. The general water bar only pays attention to the simplicity of operation, ignoring the consumer's viewing experience. Due to the continuous upgrading of the catering industry in recent years, the open file operation not only allows diners to supervise food hygiene and health, but also satisfies the curiosity of diners.


The pleasing water bar can instantly attract the attention of consumers, and the attention of consumers is placed on the operating table of the catering, and the entire product production process is more intuitively watched. The design of this product is simple but not simple, which can fully satisfy the curiosity of customers, and the overall feeling is clean and tidy, so that customers can get a pleasant food visual experience in the consumer experience.



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