Live Cell SAP of Spruce

Live Cell SAP of Spruce

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Natural high-quality product extracted from freshly harvested coniferous greenery with liquefied carbon dioxide under pressure, without temperature treatment. This method allows you to avoid the use of organic solvents and exposure to high temperatures on plant raw materials, so biologically active substances do not break down and do not undergo changes; during the extraction process, all microorganisms die in a carbon dioxide environment.Spruce cell Juice is rich in valuable biological components, such as chlorophyll (up to 1.5 g per 100 g of juice), phytoncides, phytohormones, anthelmintic and bacteriostatic substances, provitamin A, b vitamins, vitamins P, K PP, a lot of vitamin C and tocopherol (vitamin E). It also contains micro-and macronutrients: cobalt, copper, iron, aluminum, and manganese. It can be used for making coniferous baths.Such baths have a beneficial effect on the health of sciatica, diseases of the joints, respiratory organs, skin, nervous disorders, insomnia and fatigue, and are also useful for overweight. It is recommended to take a bath at night for 25-30 minutes.It can also be used for enriching creams, shampoos, making Soaps, making face masks, and more.

Live Cell SAP of Spruce
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