Convection Oven AJE-A6L

Convection Oven AJE-A6L

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1、High efficiency heating : Heated air circulation, upper and lowe independent heating mode,high thermal efficiency,well distributed heating. Heating function like baking and food thawing can be realized easily and satisfying.
2、Easy operation:Unique operation interface,for which the control panel,the ventilation hot door and its handle can be combined organicnlly,thus easy to operate and maintain.
3、Sturdy and durable:Reasonable structure,strong rigidity;Unique door lock structure,strong tightness,perfect cooking result.
4、Multi-function:Heated air circulation,baking,separate timer,autote mperature preservation,quick food thawing,etc,which can satisfy all kinds of cooking needs.
Convection Oven AJE-A6L
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