金苦艾酒  ABSINTH A35
金苦艾酒  ABSINTH A35

金苦艾酒 ABSINTH A35

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世上首款只选用天然原料酿制而侧柏酮含量达到35毫克/升的高品质苦艾酒。本品加冰净饮,兑奎宁水、水或冰茶饮用,口感极佳。此外本品也适合混合调制饮用。 玻陶熔炼酒标,软木塞永恒经典酒瓶。

 A high-quality absinthe made only from natural raw materials only -  first absinth in the world having 35 mg/l of Thujone. Excellent when it‘s drunk neat on the rocks, with tonic, water or ice tea. It’s also perfect for mixed drinks. A bottle with timeless design, cork stopper and glass-ceramic label fused into the glass.


Alcohol: 70% 酒精度:70%

Thujone: up to 35 mg/l 侧柏酮:35毫克/升


50 cl, 35 cl, 20 cl, 5 cl


金苦艾酒  ABSINTH A35
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