Real • Unique Prenatal Mutivitamins Capsules

Real • Unique Prenatal Mutivitamins Capsules

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Real Organics & Naturals House Real Organics & Naturals House

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Our Prenatal Multivitamins are developed and manufactured in Canada. These Prenatal Multivitamins contain a comprehensive, customized nutritional formula suited for pre-pregnant, pregnant and lactating mothers.

Early pregnancy is a critical period for the development of the fetus’ brain and major organs. Pregnant mothers constantly need to consume various nutrients for their body’s to assist in the development of the fetus. Prenatal multivitamins provide an adequate and balanced vitamin that helps ensure mother and baby receive all the nutrients it needs. DHA is a member of the essential Omega-3 fatty acids and helps to improve visual and brain development. Folic acid helps to support normal early development of the fetal brain and spinal cord. Iodine helps to maintain the normal production of thyroid hormones. Iron helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue caused by iron deficiency anemia.

Real • Unique Prenatal Mutivitamins Capsules
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