The most popular Thanksgiving side dish in every state

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Collard greens and mashed potatoes are the favorites of some, stuffing and green beans the choice of others as we prepare for Thanksgiving.

Clearly, preferences for the food pairing with that turkey vary widely. So what side dish reigns supreme in every state in America? That’s what, a career and jobs website that specializes in analyzing public data sets, sought to determine.

"Since Thanksgiving is one of only 10 federal holidays, we decided to analyze the data to see how workers would be spending their day off. It turns out, doing a lot of cooking. Using Google Trends, we were able to find what recipes are spiking in search volume — and where in the country certain recipes are more popular than others," Kathy Morris, marketing manager at Zippia, told Fox News.


The most popular Thanksgiving side dish in every state


This year’s No. 1 side is the same as last year’s, Morris said.

"For the second year in a row, mashed potatoes are the most popular recipe — with various types of breads also dominating the map," she said, adding that greens and veggies remain a far less popular option for the holiday table.

Speaking of lackluster sides, Instacart recently crunched numbers to unearth the most disliked Thanksgiving side dishes, and the results may surprise you.

When it comes to the good sides, Zippia’s findings didn’t stop at mashed potatoes and types of breads like rolls and cornbread. Multiple states also showed their love for macaroni and cheese, baked potatoes and charcuterie trays.


The most popular Thanksgiving side dish in every state


Collard greens, creamed corn, stuffed mushrooms and green beans even made repeat appearances on Zippia’s list, appearing as the most-searched-for side in more than one state.

To see what your state’s most popular Thanksgiving side is according to Google searches, see Zippia’s list below and read the full blog post here.

Every state’s most popular Thanksgiving side dish, according to Google data
Alabama - Sweet potato casserole

Alaska - Stuffed mushrooms

Arizona - Mashed potatoes

Arkansas - White gravy

California - Mashed potatoes

Colorado - Mashed potatoes

Connecticut - Mashed potatoes

Delaware - Cauliflower mashed potatoes

Florida - Rolls

Georgia - Collard greens

Hawaii - Mashed potatoes

Idaho - Side salad

Illinois - Mashed potatoes

Indiana - Green beans

Iowa - Green beans

Kansas - Creamed corn

Kentucky - Hashbrown casserole

Louisiana - Cornbread dressing

Maine - Stuffing

Maryland - Collard Greens

Massachusetts - Mashed potatoes

Michigan - Rolls

Minnesota - Charcuterie tray

Mississippi - Cornbread

Missouri - Charcuterie tray

Montana - Turkey gravy

Nebraska - Crescent roll

Nevada - Mashed potatoes

New Hampshire - Stuffing

New Jersey - Stuffed mushrooms

New Mexico - Side salad

New York - Sweet potatoes with marshmallows

North Carolina - Biscuit

North Dakota - Fruit salad

Ohio - Green beans

Oklahoma - Baked potato

Oregon - Mashed potatoes

Pennsylvania - Stuffing

Rhode Island - Glazed carrots

South Carolina - Collard greens

South Dakota - Baked sweet potatoes

Tennessee - Hashbrown casserole

Texas - Creamed corn

Utah - Rolls

Vermont - Macaroni and cheese

Virginia - Macaroni and cheese

Washington - Roasted vegetables

West Virginia - Rolls

Wisconsin - Baked potato

Wyoming - Baked potato


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